Makeup of Online Pokies

pokies[How Pokies Work]

There are myths and false information about how pokies work. This article will show how it works and will also give some information about video slot machines.

All pokie machines are made up of different parts. These machines have both internal and external parts. Here are the major parts in these machines.


  1. Cabinet- there is where the games are contained
  2. Video screen- the part where the game is displayed
  3. Buttons- under the screen and used to play the game
  4. Note and coin acceptors- use to put coins or notes into the machine
  5. Top Box and Belly Panel- pay table and the display of the artwork of the game
  6. Coin Tray- space where the coins are collected at the bottom of the machine


  • Motherboard- the computer that holds the RAM
  • ERPROM- the topic of the game
  • Interface Card- connect the EPROM to the motherboard
  • Meters- holds all the data to the came, payouts, and other important features
  • Cables- Connects the motherboard, buttons ,and the screen
  • Note Validator- will check to make sure the notes are authentic
  • Lights- found in the art cover panels
  • Cash Box- stores the notes
  • Hopper- stores the coins in the machine and releases coins when players win
  • Speakers- allows sounds to be heard
  • Door Alarm- sounds made when machine is opened up

[Pressing the Spin Button]
To the right of this is a picture of a poker machine. The reels have been extended for a better view.

Each symbol has a different number. There are fifteen symbols on the reel that can appear in thousands of positions.The different number positions have different payouts. A low paying symbols can be in specific positions on the reel include 2, 5, 9, and 11. The EPROM will select one number of each reel. The reel will spin and stop in a specific position. There are rewards based on certain positions. The pay out rate will be controlled by mathematical testing. The position of the symbols does not change and the payouts do not change. In order to changes a new EPROM is needed. Each game can have different payout levels.

[Online Pokie]
These machines work in a similar manner expect there instead of using a EPROM the game runs on RNG which is a remote server.
When the spin is pressed a message is sent from the computer to the server. The server returns the message with encrypted data and set of numbers that will determine the position of the symbols on the screen.