Term pokies. What is that?


If you’ve ever been to Australia, you have probably come across the term pokies. What is that? It’s exactly the same thing as what people across the world call slots. There’s not really much of a difference between slots and pokies, but if you’re in Australia you will refer to it as pokies as that is the slang term they use.

That said, Australian players also know the term slots as it’s been accepted in Australia since the launch of the first online casino back in 1994. There are also different slots, or pokies, that you can play online. These include classic 3-reel slots, 5-reel video slots, progressive jackpots and slots tournaments.

To find the best slots/pokies casinos in Australia, there are a few things that you need to look out for. First thing to check is if the casino is licensed by a gaming authority and how long the casino has been around. You can also keep an eye out for things like the eCOGRA seal of player approval, which means that the casino abides to the rules of this independent organization, and that the payout percentages for the slots online are regularly checked.

When you want to start playing slots online, here are a few more things to look out for when looking for an online casino in Australia:

  • Longevity: How long has the casino been around for and is the casino reputable
  • Banking: Does the casino offer a variety of payment options, including ones for your region for example POLi
  • Games: Does the casino offer pokies and does it have a huge variety of slots
  • Support: Does the casino offer 24/7 support via a number of contact methods

Once you have found a casino that suits you best and want to start playing slots online, you will be amazed at the different kind of pokies that you can find. Here are just a few that you can look out for:

Classic: these are your 3-reel slots that feature casino elements like Bars, Cherries and Triple Sevens. Australian players will be familiar with these slots as they are very similar to the pokies games that you find in pubs all over Australia.

Video Slots: offering more than just 3 reels of fun, video slots are extremely popular and vary in themes. There are also pokies based on TV series and movies, and because there are so many video slots available at online casinos, you will always have something that you can play.

Progressives: slots online have become an overnight sensation with the addition of progressive pokies, where some of the jackpots are worth over a million.

Tournaments: Enter free slots tournaments with a small prize pool up for grabs, or pay a minimal entrance fee and take part in a tournament where bigger prize pools are available to share.

To add some fun to your life, simply register a new account at an online casino of your choice, and start playing slots online – or pokies, whatever you prefer to call it, you should start spinning straight away, because the next big win could be just around the corner waiting for you.

Online Casinos – pokies and strategy

Online Casinos – Advice from the Industry Pros!

pokiesWhen it comes to playing pokies online, pokies and strategy have long since been meant to be torn apart, and most anyone will tell you that there is really no set way to play it – website. No set guidelines or technique, no rules, or method except fate. However, after speaking to some industry pros that concluded what we already assumed, we were surprised to hear that despite casinos making these games virtually unbeatable, because they abide my no set protocol, gamblers are strategic as ever, getting to know their favorite pokies, and staying away from ones they aren’t partial to. We spoke to three people. The CEO of an online casino, and two regulars that play all the time, and they all confirmed that gambling of any kind takes strategy, discipline, and focus.

This is How You Play to Win!
Always check which games are the hottest or highest hitting. They should have it on the site because they love to brag these figures, but if you don’t see anything about it, you can email the support of the site, and they will tell you. A casino’s RTP, or return to player, is a value that fluctuates, but you still want to check, because one could be hitting way more than another.

Do Your Research, and Play Smart
Look for the casinos with fat bonuses, and quick turnovers. Always get a feel of the game first, these machines are all different nowadays. You can learn by spending some of your bonus learning the different features. Look for a casino that has a large selection of pokies, and don’t shoot too high. If you’re losing, back your bet off some, until you think your odds are better. Play any demos on a new game first, so you can know what to be ready for and know what to bet. Make sure your a game is on. If you lose your bead, you will lose your money. If you’re fighting with your girl, mad or upset in any way, you will make split second decisions and unfocused results. This has actually been proven. Anything that is weighing on us, or making us mad or sad, if we’re in a good mood, and so on… Everything affects out mental and physical performance and focus, and in the end, drastically affects what we get out of out results when in these states.

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Adelaide local, Thomas P. stated this was a great way to relax and unwind after a long day and it takes his mind of his wife, griping about the garage door. lol

Sydney coffee shop worker Sarah A, says that she like sticks to basics. “…and I don’t get emotional. If I start taking hits, I back off, and let the magic start again!

Melbourne CEO of a popular online casino says, “What people don’t get is that we program these things one way. Random. I believe people read our machines, but I couldn’t explain how.

It’s true that after you get to know a machine, you kind of “get a feel” for it. Anyone who throws down a lot into playing online – Playing Online Games: Flow Experience, or at mainstream casinos, knows that we develop a sense. Maybe it’s intuitive, maybe it’s connected or “tuned in”. Even experts will tell you they “listen”. Listening is just another fitting term used for being observant. Listening, watching, keeping an eye on your budget, staying headstrong if you get a losing streak, and knowing when to back off. That being said, always…. ALWAYS… bring your best mood and your mojo!

Makeup of Online Pokies

pokies[How Pokies Work]

There are myths and false information about how pokies work. This article will show how it works and will also give some information about video slot machines.

All pokie machines are made up of different parts. These machines have both internal and external parts. Here are the major parts in these machines.


  1. Cabinet- there is where the games are contained
  2. Video screen- the part where the game is displayed
  3. Buttons- under the screen and used to play the game
  4. Note and coin acceptors- use to put coins or notes into the machine
  5. Top Box and Belly Panel- pay table and the display of the artwork of the game
  6. Coin Tray- space where the coins are collected at the bottom of the machine


  • Motherboard- the computer that holds the RAM
  • ERPROM- the topic of the game
  • Interface Card- connect the EPROM to the motherboard
  • Meters- holds all the data to the came, payouts, and other important features
  • Cables- Connects the motherboard, buttons ,and the screen
  • Note Validator- will check to make sure the notes are authentic
  • Lights- found in the art cover panels
  • Cash Box- stores the notes
  • Hopper- stores the coins in the machine and releases coins when players win
  • Speakers- allows sounds to be heard
  • Door Alarm- sounds made when machine is opened up

[Pressing the Spin Button]
To the right of this is a picture of a poker machine. The reels have been extended for a better view.

Each symbol has a different number. There are fifteen symbols on the reel that can appear in thousands of positions.The different number positions have different payouts. A low paying symbols can be in specific positions on the reel include 2, 5, 9, and 11. The EPROM will select one number of each reel. The reel will spin and stop in a specific position. There are rewards based on certain positions. The pay out rate will be controlled by mathematical testing. The position of the symbols does not change and the payouts do not change. In order to changes a new EPROM is needed. Each game can have different payout levels.

[Online Pokie]
These machines work in a similar manner expect there instead of using a EPROM the game runs on RNG which is a remote server.
When the spin is pressed a message is sent from the computer to the server. The server returns the message with encrypted data and set of numbers that will determine the position of the symbols on the screen.